IRIS Information

Download 14-15 IRIS Alert Form

As part of our emergency planning and preparation, the Bangor School Department utilizes an alert messaging system known as IRIS, or the Immediate Response Information System. IRIS allows the school system to call, text message, or send email to parents instantaneously for a variety of purposes, including school cancellations or school emergencies. This important communication tool has been in place since 2008. However, IRIS will not replace our practice of notifying the public of closings or other emergencies via the channels previously used, including local radio and television broadcasts.

IRIS is useful for other non-emergency school purposes that complement traditional home-school communication such as newsletters, flyers, Infinite Campus and the district website. With knowledge that many busy families are increasingly reliant on digital means of communication, our goal is to meaningfully expand the use of IRIS as part of a purposeful and well-rounded home-school communication effort.

We offer families the opportunity to opt into the IRIS program by completing the online form at the bottom of the page. The only costs associated with IRIS participation are fees charged through your wireless network provider for text messaging or data usage. Once the registration form is complete, please allow one week for your information to be uploaded and for your to receive messages through IRIS.

If you have questions, please contact your child’s school main office or the Office of Instruction at 992-4167.


Betsy M. Webb
Superintendent of Schools