Student Life

Visual and Performing Arts

Bangor Schools have a strong art program Pre-K through high school. Our Curriculum is based on state standards, yet we have the flexibility to adapt our lessons to meet the needs of our students. Each lesson is designed to teach important art concepts while themes are chosen to make art class meaningful to children and to provide opportunities to integrate art with other areas of learning–especially language arts and social studies. We have many displays of student art each year in our school, at venues throughout the city, and at the state level. We value and appreciate the work of each and every student artist.


At Fourteenth Street School, the music program offers our students opportunities to sing, play, hear and move to music. Starting in PreK, our students identify instruments, not only by what they look like, but also by how they sound. Our students are exposed to a variety of musical styles and cultures, and they learn to describe what they hear using the appropriate musical terms. Also, students are encouraged to use their creativity while playing instruments and when learning notation. Our students are given the chance to sing and perform music for friends and family especially when our third graders present concerts throughout the year. It is a thrill to see and hear the progress of our students over the five years they are here, and it is a joy to hear them experience and share music. — Anne Small, Music Teacher.

Enrichment opportunities

2015 – 2016 Community School Programs:

Community School programs at the 14th Street School are an opportunity for students to connect with the school beyond the regular school day.  Historically, our programs have included: Physical Education Club, Grade 3 Basketball Club, Art Club, Music Club, and Academic Club.  Our schedule varies as we progress through the year.  Please continue to be on the look out for information from us in the near future!

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Bangor Day-Grades PK-3

  • Gear Day-Grades PK-3

  • Chorus-Grade 3

  • Winter Concert-Grade 3

  • March Math Madness-Grades PK-3