About Us

The Mary Snow School, named after Maine’s first female Superintendent, serves families of grade four and grade five students on the East Side of Bangor. Built in 1926, the building retains many of the original architectural features from the turn of the century.

Approximately 250 students are taught by a competent, caring staff committed to assessing each child’s educational needs in order to provide a program specifically tailored to accelerate learning. Our teachers and our students form a learning environment that is challenging, dynamic, enriching and rewarding. We continually use achievement data to assess the effectiveness of our programs and to individualize learning through differentiation of instruction. The result is that all students are able to demonstrate mastery through controlled experimentation, analytical reasoning, and authentic self-expression as well as on local, state and national assessments.

The philosophy of the Mary Snow School considers the intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs of the child. Our purpose is to educate the whole child through the application of proven methods, programs and materials that focus upon the unique development of the individual. The worth of the learner is respected and enhanced in a climate, which is positive, orderly, challenging and exciting. ­

The Mary Snow staff eagerly accepts the challenge and responsibility of guiding our students through these important, formative years in school. Our unwavering belief is that all children can and will learn at high levels. At the same time we realize the critical role parents play in their development. The statewide reputation the Mary Snow School has for educational excellence is due, in large part, to the high expectations parents and teachers have for our students. Together, we face no greater challenge than to provide the best education possible for our young people, so they may realize their greatest potential as lifelong learners.