On January 14th, the Bangor School Committee approved the second phase of the Bangor High School Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Academy, for full implementation in the fall of 2015. Bangor High is committed to providing multiple pathways for students to pursue academic excellence in areas of passion and interest. The VPA Academy structure is modeled after the STEM Academy in which there are pathway options including Performing Arts in Theater Arts and Music (Band, Orchestra, Chorus) and three Visual Art pathways (2-Dimensional, 3-Dimensional, Digital & Commercial).  Each pathway will include a rigorous, enriching curriculum, active participation in local and regional-arts related activities and events, and focused development of a capstone project as the culminating program experience.

Students or parents interested in learning more about the multiple pathways offered including the VPA Academy, the STEM Academy, or the Bridge Year should contact Principal Paul Butler, Bangor High School, at 992-5500.


 Betsy M. Webb, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools (Contact)