Bangor School Department FY 2015 Approved Budget

Bangor School Department FY 2015 Proposed Budget

Dear Parents and Students,

It is hard to believe that the opening of school is right around the corner! I hope you are as excited about the upcoming school year as we are! We know we have a great responsibility to make students’ experiences in our schools the best they can be and we are honored to have the opportunity to work with all families within the Bangor School Department.

During the summer, we have been busy preparing for another outstanding year. Teams of teachers have continue work on curriculum and lessons, custodians and maintenance crews have cleaned and renovated our facilities, secretaries and administrators have organized schools for the opening, and everyone is looking forward to the students’ return.

We have many new educators joining our school system who will add their considerable talents and experiences to our existing top-notch staff. Classroom lists are being prepared, and schedules are being devised so students will have the opportunity to take the classes they need and desire.

As we move closer to the opening of school, the pace of preparation quickens. In the days right before school starts, there is a sense of expectancy. The entire community is filled with anticipation – buses, classrooms and corridors, and ball fields and playgrounds are literally waiting to be filled by the energy and spirit of our students and staff.

As you prepare for the start of school, think about how to get the most out of the school experience. What goals will you set for academic achievement? In which clubs/activities will you or your child be involved in? How will you spend your time? These are questions the the Bangor School Department is committed to helping each student answer for we believe that all students are able to learn at high levels. This quote captures our commitment to our students:

To develop human potential, we believe it is essential that students have an opportunity to study real world problems and learn for understanding in self-directed ways in order to develop into critical thinkers, self-directed learners, problem solvers, time managers, and life-long learners needed in our complex society. – Steve G. Barkley

Parents and students are encouraged to contact their schools if they have questions about the upcoming school year. As always, the Bangor School Department stands ready to provide another quality year.


-Betsy M. Webb, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools (Contact)