Welcome to the Bangor School Department!

Bangor has a long-standing tradition of excellence. Our mission is academic excellence for all and we are justifiably proud of our students and staff for their many accomplishments. Some of the most notable accomplishments include: National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, Standards and Poors Outperformer Rating, Maine’s Higher Performing and Efficient School Ratings, Newsweek’s Top High School Rating, Sports Illustrated Top 50 Rating, Parents’ Choice Award Winner, and numerous National, New England, and State Championships for staff and students in the arts, academics, extra and co-curricular activities, and athletics.

As identified by representatives of all our stakeholders, the Bangor School Department’s greatest strengths include: the tradition and culture of excellence in all that we do and our vertical and horizontal alignment to monitor students’ growth over time. The areas we continue to strive for improvement and growth are outlined in our ten-year strategic plan, Academic Excellence for All, found on the Superintendent’s page.

The Bangor School Department website provides information about our ten schools and the many activities of our students and staff. Please call, if you have further questions about our school system.


-Betsy M. Webb, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools (Contact)