Dear Community Members,

On Tuesday, June 9th, citizens have the opportunity to vote on the FY16 School Budget. The proposed budget is approximately $43.8 million dollars, which has a local increase of 1%. However, the Appropriations Committee has voted to add additional funding to general purpose aid for education. If this happens, the local increase will be 0%. Both the City Council and the School Committee have voted to direct any additional funds from the State to be applied to minimize the local contribution.

The Bangor School Department has been recognized nationally and within the state as a highly effective and efficient school system. The per pupil cost is approximately $1,000 less per student than the state average and our students’ achievement is in the top 10. Approximately, 70% of the school systems in Maine spend more per pupil than Bangor.

In the previous six budgets, the loss of state aid to Bangor has been -7.1% while the overall increase in the school budget over these same six years has been 3.8% or an average annual increase of .6%. The inflation calculator for the same time period shows an accumulated inflation rate of 10.3% and a COLA of 12.6%.

Please see the information about voting below:

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 Betsy M. Webb, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools (Contact)