Parents, Guardians, Students, Community Members, and Staff:

The Bangor School Department prioritizes the health and safety of students and employees. Given this commitment to students’ and staff’s well-being, the leadership of the Bangor School Department are monitoring global and national Ebola developments.

City health officials, the National Center for Disease Control, the Maine Center for Disease Control, and the Maine Department of Education, along with a variety of other health agencies, are sources that share information with the Bangor School Department leadership in the event of a health and/or safety risk to our students and staff.

Yearly, the Bangor School Department’s Emergency Management Plan (EMP) is reviewed and revised in keeping with the most current practices. Included in the EMP is a pandemic section providing direction for all schools in the event of a situation. Certainly, communication with parents would follow any alert or warning regarding student wellbeing.

Provided below is the link to the Maine Center for Disease Control’s Ebola Information Page. This page is helpful in monitoring the current situation.

The importance of regular and proper hand washing practices, coughing into one’s sleeve, getting flu shots, and staying home from school when sick are essential in reducing the transmission of germs and will be reinforced in all of our schools as the cold and flu season approaches.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your school nurse and/or principal.



-Betsy M. Webb, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools (Contact)


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