Student Handbook

Download our school’s handbook:

Dear Students:

Welcome to the James F. Doughty School, a 2010 Blue Ribbon School. The Blue Ribbon Award is the highest honor the U.S. Department of Education bestows.  You are among only a small percentage of students across America who attend a Blue Ribbon School. We are excited about having you enrolled in our school. Your experience here is intended to develop your academic skills allowing you to achieve at higher levels.  Higher achievement will increase your chances for multiple opportunities in your future.

Learning is not easy.  It involves making mistakes, exploring the unknown, and taking the risk of sharing an idea and an opinion.  Learning also requires daily hard work. Courage and perseverance will give you strength to keep trying even when things seem difficult. Learn the importance of hard work, courage, and perseverance, three ingredients for success.

In addition to the knowledge you will gain about learning, you will be expected to broaden your understanding and interest in math, science, literature, history, fine arts, and your personal development. Accelerating your academic development, resolving difficulties with friends, learning how to make good decisions, establishing short and long term goals, and understanding the responsibility all of us have to contribute to our school, home, community, and country are  examples of the challenges you will face while attending the James F. Doughty School.

Also, all of us must learn the importance of supporting and helping one another. The James F. Doughty School, like all of America, needs leaders and encouragers.  Individuals, who have a clear vision and purpose, and who are driven to uphold the ideals of America are important in shaping our nation and our school.

The contents of this student handbook are written to assist you in your experience at J.F.D. Outlined in the handbook are matters pertaining to the schoolhouse practices, rules, regulations, and policies by which J.F.D. operates. Your teachers will review the contents with you and you are encouraged to read the handbook together with your parents or guardian. Make sure you ask questions if there are sections of the handbook which you do not understand. 

The contents of the handbook are subject to change and policies approved by the Bangor School Committee supercede those outlined in the handbook.

As principal, know I believe in you.  Study hard, get involved in school, and be a leader. Remember my door is open.  Have a great year!

Sam Moring