Code Of Conduct

Excerpted from Bangor School Department Policy JFC

The Bangor School Department believes that personal and collective achievement across the learning community is enhanced by observing and working toward six core elements of the Code of Conduct:  Character, Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking.   These expectations apply to all members of the greater Bangor School Department community and extend to all school activities.

Character – Be a trustworthy person who knows what is expected and does what is right

  • Tell the truth

  • Do your own work on assignments and tests

  • Take responsibility for your actions and be a positive role model for others

  • If you see something, say something–Inform an adult right away about possible damage to property or harm to others

Citizenship – Be a courteous citizen who acts appropriately and ethically at all times

  • Honor others’ physical space.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

  • Show appreciation and care for the property of the school and others

  • Take responsibility for actions and learn from both success and failure

  • Contribute to an environment where all individuals feel safe, valued, and supported

Communication- Be a thoughtful communicator who exchanges information and ideas purposefully and respectfully

  • Use kind, considerate, polite and safe language and gestures

  • Seek and offer assistance when it is needed

  • Work through problems, disagreements, or conflicts respectfully

  • Develop and use communication skills to accomplish goals

Collaboration – Be an engaged member of the community who interacts with others positively and productively

  • Follow school rules and guidelines

  • Give and receive helpful criticism and feedback

  • Develop positive connections within and beyond the classroom

  • Seek opportunities to contribute in various group roles, including leadership

Creativity – Be a person who turns ideas into action

  • Ask questions that help clarify and guide

  • Consider all ideas and/or solutions

  • Give your best effort to reach your highest potential

 Teachers and Administrators at the Vine Street School will help students to learn and practice the Code of Conduct.   Staff will consider existing learning and the developmental differences of students when administering a consequence for a violation of the Conduct Code.  Behavior related to a child’s disability will be managed consistent with applicable laws and regulations.  Consequences may include, but are not limited to, warnings, verbal or written apologies, time out, loss of recess, after school detention, meeting with the principal and/or parents, restitution, and in or out of school suspension.