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The motto of students and staff at the William S. Cohen School is “Pride in Excellence” which can be seen on a daily basis in student work, teacher instruction, and after school activities.  With nearly 400 students in grades 6-8, there are a multitude of opportunities for Cohen community members to excel!  The William S. Cohen School offers a deep and rich curriculum, with accelerated classes in English, reading, mathematics, science, foreign language, and social studies to any student who choses to accelerate their learning.  With the academic challenge comes great support… before, during and after school for any student to access.

Researchers from the Center for Education Policy, Applied Research, and Evaluation (CEPARE) at University of Southern Maine studied The William S. Cohen School as part of a research project exploring practices and characteristics of higher performing, efficient Maine Schools.  In their May 2011 report, researchers from CEPARE identified the strongest and most pervasive elements observed:

  • A dedicated, focused, and knowledgeable staff (principal, educators, and support staff) that allocates its time and resources to support a focus on student learning.

  • Embedded, pervasive culture of respect and caring amongst students and adults.

  • Consistent high social and academic standards for all members of the school community upheld by appropriate consequences and positive models.

  • High involvement, support, and connection with community.

When asked, students will eagerly endorse the concept that “academics come first” at Cohen and they are willing to put great efforts into their schoolwork on a daily basis.  In addition to academics, over 95% of Cohen students participate in a wide variety of interscholastic, extra and co curricular activities during the school year with great enjoyment and success!  The end result is a 95% attendance rate, great success on national and state assessments, and a healthy and happy student body!

For more information on the William S. Cohen School, I encourage you to explore our website or contact me at any time.


Michael H. Missbrenner


Every Town Has A Story

Students at the Cohen School are working hard to bring Bangor’s to light through the Maine Memory Network. This effort started in 2010 with a Community Heritage Project grant from the Maine Historical Society. That year Bangor’s online presence began with “Life on a Tidal River: Ebb and Flow of Bangor History.” This Bangor effort extended the work of the Maine Memory Network and its efforts to digitally capture Maine’s rich history and was created in part by several Bangor teachers and students.

Work at the Cohen School continued in the 2011 – 2012 school year with a new exhibit, Bangor’s Presence in the Civil War.

George Varney, of Bangor Maine, in his Civil War uniform.

Photo contributed by the Bangor Museum and Center for History.

WSCS George Varney