BHS Academies

Since 2012, BHS has offered Academy options for students to explore an area of academic strength and passion while also completing all other diploma requirements.

BHS Academies are designed as four-year programs that integrate:

  • Rigorous curriculum (1-2 Academy core courses or compatible electives per year)

  • Co-curricular engagement (Competitive, non-competitive associated with the area of study)

  • Student research & apprenticeship (On or off the BHS Campus)

  • Seminar extensions during and beyond the school year (15+ hours per week in the summer)

The primary desired outcome is for Academy students to expand post-secondary opportunities in their area of passion , and the Capstone Project differentiates the Academy graduate.

While structured similarly, each Academy offers varied pathways of study unique to the discipline.  Interested students are encouraged to review the specific details and to connect with the Academy Coordinator for more information.