Business Academy

Mr. Lance Fenimore, Business Academy Coordinator

The BHS Business Academy, which welcomed its first cohort of students in the fall of 2015, is designed to prepare students to continue the study of Business in college. An articulation agreement with Husson University provides opportunity for Business Academy students to earn up to 30 credits based on performance on course exams, which align directly to the corresponding Husson University courses covered by the articulation agreement (see table below).

To complement their course learning, Academy students are required to participate in cohort and seminar activities. As with other BHS Academies, the blend of curricular and co-curricular experiences is designed to inform the development, completion and presentation of a research-based Capstone Project during the student’s senior year, a process that includes the assistance of a mentor approved by the Business Academy Coordinator.

A unique requirement of the Business Academy is for students to earn the WorkReady credential, which is a combined initiative of the Maine’s Departments of Education and Labor. The WorkReady credential is a physical certificate that signifies the earner’s knowledge of workplace standards, their mathematical and reading ability, and their reliability and dependability as reflected by 95% school attendance. The WorkReady credential is recognized by all Maine Chambers of Commerce.

Course Sequence (6 minimum for Academy completion)

Year One: Business Management or Digital Media for Business

Year Two: Business Marketing Principles

Years Three & Four: Students must complete at least four (4) additional courses, three (3) of which must be Business Department course offerings.

An additional requirement is enrollment in at least one course that gives opportunity to earn college credit.

BHS Business Courses

BHS Business Courses with Potential for College Credit

Non-Business Courses with Potential for College Credit

Business Management

Honors Accounting I


Digital Media for Business

Honors Accounting II

AP Statistics

Accounting I

Introduction to Law

Calculus I

Personal Finance

Principles of Economics

AP Calculus AB

AP Economics (Macro & Micro)

AP Calculus BC

Cohort Activity Requirment: Students must engage in one (1) or more of the following school-based cohort activities in each academic year:

  • Titan Challenge (state-wide business simulation competition) — Required for all Grade 9 students

  • BHS Math Team (Grades 9-12)

  • BHS Mock Trial Team (Grades 10-12)

  • BHS Speech & Debate (Grades 9-12)

  • BHS Stock Market Game (Grades 10-12

Seminar Requirement: Business Academy student must participate in six (6) of eight seminar activities over four years. Seminar activities are typically single-day events held both on and off the BHS campus and involve interacting with a

Semester One Seminar Topic Semester Two Seminar Topic

Grade 9

Family Business

Digital Design & Marketing

Grade 10

Personal Finance


Grade 11

Statistics & Business

Financial Fitness

Grade 12

Job Skills


WorkReady Credential Requirement: All academy students must earn the WorkReady credential, a combined initiative of the Maine Departments of Labor and Education. Students may earn the credential by meeting WorkReady requirements or by completing Personal Finance (055) or Cooperative Education (395) and successfully meeting the WorkReady examination requirements in Critical Reading and Mathematics .

Capstone Project: All academy students must successfully complete a Capstone Project, which is the culmination of the student’s participation in the Business Academy. The Capstone may take a variety of forms but must have an extended, research-based written portion

This independent research project explores deeply a topic of the student’s interest in the world of business. While very much a self-directed activity, the Capstone process includes the guidance and direction of an adult mentor, who must be approved by the Business Academy Coordinator. Once the Capstone is completed, the student must present the written research and engage a panel composed of educators and non-educators in a discussion and extended Q & A on the Capstone topic– an experience that parallels a thesis defense that is very likely in the academic future of BHS Business Academy graduates.

Capstone Project: General Timeline

Grade / Year

Capstone Activity

Grade 9 / Year 1

Generate a list of potential areas of study; Narrow to 3 or fewer by year-end

Grade 10 / Year 2

Through reading and discussion, finalize Capstone topic by year-end

Grade 11 / Year 3

Obtain Capstone mentor; Conduct research; Submit thesis statement by year-end

Grade 12 / Year 4

Submit draft by end of 1st semester; Final draft and Capstone presentation by year-end