Bangor Regional Program


Welcome to the Bangor Regional Program!

Bangor Regional Program, formerly Southern Penobscot Regional Program, relocated from Jefferson Street School in Old Town to 208 Maine Avenue in Bangor on July 1, 2014.

At the Bangor Regional Program we believe in pathways to excellence for all students. Our program provides special education services for students enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade Twelve. The school is designed for students who are in need of a therapeutic educational setting which is highly structured and where students are provided with immediate feedback and positive reinforcement regarding their academic progress and behavior.    Our students actively engage in hands on learning opportunities throughout the school day. Each student enrolled in our school has an Individualized Educational Program which addresses the students’ developmental, functional and academic needs. The low staff to student ratio helps students to emotionally regulate and remain interested in academic activities. All students   follow the Bangor School Department curriculum and receive instruction in music, art, library, and physical education as well. Social skills instruction is also part of each student’s daily program and positive behavioral supports are utilized throughout the school day to help   shape students’ behaviors.

At the Bangor Regional Program we believe that every child deserves a quality education in an environment that fosters academic and social-emotional success.


Dan Mayo, Director