STEM Academy

Bangor High School eagerly welcomes students to an innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) academic program option that began in the fall of 2012. Students who choose to enroll in the BHS STEM Academy complete all the traditional Bangor High School graduation requirements while simultaneously completing a challenging and enriching research-based sequence of STEM courses and experiences. Under our model, the experience of sequential curricula informing and enhancing students’ long-term research is captured by the term TAR STEM: Transformative Apprentice Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Designed to dovetail with the school’s existing culture and tradition of excellence and informed by compelling research on the importance of STEM education to our workforce and economy, the BHS STEM Academy is a rigorous academic program with a foundation in apprentice research mentorships at the University of Maine during the sophomore, junior and senior years.

BHS STEM is a program option available to all Bangor High School students (tuition and non-tuition) and has its origins in a highly successful student research program that resulted in multiple and successive prize winners in the nation’s most prestigious junior science competitions. BHS STEM seeks to expand this winning model to more students through rigorous curricula and direct research experiences at Maine’s flagship university.

For more information about the STEM Academy, contact Principal Paul Butler at 992-5500.

The main reason I chose the STEM Academy was for the summer internship opportunity. I had so much fun working at the advanced structures and composites lab at the University of Maine, working on a project partnered by NASA to develop a control system to identify properties and behavior of decelerating devices for spacecraft reentry. Sharon Audibert, Class of 2016 (STEM Academy Graduate)


Students at robotics class

Paige Brown ’16 (Left) And Sharon Audibert ’16 (Right) In Robotics Class At BHS Stem Academy.