Superintendent’s Office

Mr. James Tager currently serves as the Superintendent of the Bangor School Department.

Phone: (207) 262-9125
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Office of Instruction

Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Kathy Harris-Smedberg, is responsible for overseeing curriculum, instruction, assessments, professional development, Title I, technology, and gifted and talented programming.

Phone: (207) 262-9111
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Office of Pupil Services

Director of Pupil Services, Ms. Christina Babin, is responsible for oversight of the special education program, Educational Technicians, Tutors, School Nurses, and School Social Workers.

Phone: (207) 262-9121
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Business Office

Mr. Jerry Hayman, Director of Business Services, oversees the financial needs of the school department, maintenance of school facilities, and scholarship funds.

Phone: (207) 262-9124
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