Privacy Policy

Bangor School Department Web Site Privacy Policy

Thank you for viewing the Bangor School Department website. The Bangor School Department remains committed to protecting website user privacy and utilizes appropriate technical tools to safeguard privacy.

The BSD does not collect personal information on the website unless the visitor voluntarily communicates via email or completes an online form. In such instances, the information is used only for the stated intent. No personal information will be shared with other sites or parties.

The BSD may collect information about a visitor’s computer including the IP address, operating system, and browser type solely for system administration to generate reports. These reports contain statistical data specific to the browsing and viewing patterns of the site’s traffic.

Cookies on the BSD website provide for the use of Google Analytics, a tool to assist in identifying visitor trends and interactions with the BSD site assisting us maintain a site that is user-friendly and responsive to user interests and needs.

Cookies contain information that is transferred to a visitor’s hard drive. Cookies store information such as the time of the site visit, whether the visitor is a first time or regular user, and the referring site.

Information collected through Google Analytics is anonymous and the BSD makes no attempt to identify visitors. An opt-out option is available for Google Analytics. For information regarding the opt-out option, please visit the Google Analytics Opt-out

The BSD site offers links to other sites intended to be a resource for the Bangor school community. The BSD has no jurisdiction over the privacy provisions of these sites. Visitors to the sites are encouraged to review the privacy statement of each site.