Health and Wellness Resources

BSD Local Wellness Policy:

JLA Pol – Local Wellness Program 1-12-2022

When Is Sick Too Sick For School?

When is sick too sick for school fact sheet

COVID-19 Self-Isolation Resources

Isolation-CO 4-1-21

COVID-19 Self-Quarantine Resources

Quarantine-CO-v2 4-1-21

COVID-19 Reopening of Schools Plan (Revised 3.4.24)

BSD Reopening of Schools

Eastern Equine Encephalitis:

EEE Fact Sheet

Head Lice:

Pediculosis (Head Lice) CDC Fact Sheet


Vaccine against influenza is widely available in Bangor. The Bangor School Dept. has surveyed area vaccine providers for availability of the vaccine.

Bangor Health Dept. Immunization Program for children up to age 19

Call 992-4547 Cost: $10.00 Administration Fee.*
Clinics: Mon.& Wed. 9am-12pm
4th Thurs. 5pm-7pm
Call for appointments

Physician offices: Please call your child’s provider for information and costs

Area Pharmacies: Please call for information and costs

*This fee may be waived at the discretion of the provider.

Area Emergency Rooms and Walk-in-Care facilities are not appropriate sites to receive vaccine.

More information about Influenza in Maine is available on the Maine CDC website.

LGBTQ+ and Gender Expansive Resources

Maine DOE LGBTQ+ and Gender Expansive Resources


Mental Health:

CDC Mental Health Resources

Pandemic Flu:

Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist

Safe Drinking Water

All Bangor schools have undergone water testing to ensure safe drinking water.  As of October 2016, all schools have been found to be safe and are within described EPA levels.

Social-Emotional Resources:

Suicide Prevention Awareness:

Suicide Prevention Awareness

Sunburn Protection Information from the CDC:

Travel Guidance

Maine Travel Guidance

Wellness Information

Bangor School Department Wellness Page