Visual and Performing Arts Academy

BHS Academy Model Overview

Bangor High School is committed to academic excellence through the broad curricular exposure inherent in a liberal arts approach. From this well-established baseline, BHS builds programs to provide opportunity for discipline-specific four-year study through Academy programs. Originating with the STEM Academy in 2011, Academy options now include Visual & Performing Arts (VPA), Business Academy, and Humanities Academy. Academy programs are an option for any student interested in deep exploration of these content areas.

The VPA Academy

It offers three pathways: Visual Art, Theatre Arts, and Music (Band, Orchestra, Chorus). Each program combines outstanding curriculum with the expectation that students apply and enrich their learning with committed study of content and skill throughout the academic year and during the summer. By design, academy learning experiences meaningfully extend the curriculum, deliberately accelerate student learning, progressively contribute to the development of a distinguished portfolio of work, and ultimately serve the goal of expanding post-secondary options in the arts for students.

For more information, contact Bangor High School Principal Paul Butler at 992-5500.

Ashley Portrait

“There’s a great art program at Bangor High School, with National Art Honor Society and the Visual and Performing Arts Academy.”

-Ansley, Class of 2018 (Visual and Performing Arts Academy)