Bangor School Department  Superintendent's Office

February 26, 2024

The Bangor School Department would like to inform the community about a recent scam involving fraudulent checks being sent out to unsuspecting recipients. The department has been made aware that a number of illegitimate checks have been circulating, falsely claiming to be issued by the Bangor School Department.

These fraudulent checks are not authorized by the Bangor School Department and are part of a scam targeting individuals who use online marketplaces. The checks may be accompanied by a request to give funds over the agreed amount of sale to a mover who comes to pick up the item. It is important to note that these checks are counterfeit and attempting to cash or deposit them may result in financial loss for the recipient.

The Bangor School Department is actively cooperating with local law enforcement offices and their investigation into the matter. In light of these fraudulent activities, we urge all community members to exercise caution. If you receive an unexpected check claiming to be from someone other than who you are doing business with, please do not attempt to cash or deposit it. If you discover that you have provided goods or services after receiving any fraudulent check, please get in touch with your local law enforcement agency to file a report.