Scholastic Art Awards

March 13, 2024

In an impressive showcase of artistic talent, students from Bangor High School have once again proven their creativity and skill by receiving prestigious Scholastic Art Awards. These awards recognize and honor outstanding young artists from across the country, highlighting their exceptional talent and dedication to the arts. The achievements of these talented students not only reflect their personal growth and artistic prowess but also serve as a testament to the nurturing and supportive environment fostered by Bangor High School's art program.

The Scholastic Art Awards, founded in 1923, have become one of the most recognized and esteemed programs for young artists in the United States. Each year, the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers organizes the competition, inviting students from grades 7 to 12 to submit their artwork for evaluation. The awards encompass a wide range of artistic categories, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital art, and more.

Bangor High School students consistently demonstrate their artistic talent and passion, earning recognition and accolades from the Scholastic Art Awards. Year after year, their artwork captivates judges with its creativity, technical prowess, and emotional depth. The 2024 Scholastic Art Awards saw a remarkable display of talent from Bangor High School, with several students receiving prestigious honors. Among the recipients were:

Ward Wazzan - Scholastic Art Gold Key 

Vera Anderson - Scholastic Art Honorable Mention

Sadie D’Alessio - Scholastic Art Silver Key 

Lilly McBreairty - Scholastic Art Honorable Mention

Jaeda Grosjean - Scholastic Art Silver Key

Jaeda Grosjean - Scholastic Art Honorable Mention

Xavier Pike - Scholastic Art Silver Key

Mack Bezverkhny - Scholastic Art Honorable Mention

Sadie D’Alessio - Scholastic Art Silver Key

To view the student’s work, click here

The success of these talented students is a testament to the exceptional visual and performing arts program at Bangor High School. Under the guidance of dedicated and passionate art teachers, students are encouraged to explore their creativity, experiment with different mediums, and develop their artistic voices. The curriculum provides a solid foundation in art history, technique, and critical analysis, fostering a well-rounded understanding of the art world and its various forms.

Beyond the classroom, Bangor High School's visual and performing arts program offers numerous opportunities for students to showcase their artwork, participate in local exhibitions, and engage with the wider community. These experiences not only allow students to gain exposure but also help them develop confidence and a sense of pride in their artistic abilities.