2023-2024 Superintendent's Academic Excellence Award

March 21, 2024

Bangor High School is proud to recognize the exceptional achievements of thirty-five outstanding seniors who have been awarded the esteemed Superintendent's Academic Excellence Award for the 2023-2024 school year. This prestigious accolade acknowledges students who have demonstrated unparalleled dedication and academic excellence throughout their tenure at Bangor High School, excelling in a rigorous program of studies and earning honor grades.

To qualify for this distinguished award, students were required to complete a minimum of ten Honors or Advanced Placement courses while maintaining a grade point average of 4.0. Notably, this year's recipients have surpassed expectations by taking an average of 16 Honors or Advanced Placement classes during their time at Bangor High School.

The 2023-2024 Superintendent's Academic Excellence Award represents an impressive 13.7% of the senior class, exemplifying the exceptional academic caliber of Bangor High School. The recognition of these students will be communicated to all institutions of higher education to which they have applied, underscoring their remarkable accomplishments.

The following students have been honored with the 2023-2024 Superintendent's Academic Excellence Award, listed in alphabetical order:

Serena Anderson

Eve Breedlove

Andre Brozman

Stanley Carter

Cedona D'Alessio

Jack Earl

Quentin Gabe

Nuthi Ganesh

Jaeda Grosjean

Seamus Hagerty

Camryn Harvey

Jackson Haskell

Preston Henry

Gabrielle Ksikvas

Sophia Ksikvas

Evan Malone

Sophia Mazzarelli

Kathryn McCarthy

Kaosiso Moneke

Olivia Nagle

Christopher Nichols

Grace O'Brien

Amelia Quinn

Miles Randall

Ani Roberts

Jasmine Roy

Luke Saucier

Timothy Schuck

Chase Smith

George Socolow

Alison St. Peter

Olivia Swartz

Callie Tennett

Amanda Tomlinson

Richard Trott

To commemorate their remarkable achievements, the recipients will receive the following honorary designations:

A Certificate of Achievement will be presented to each student during the Academic Awards Evening. An honor stole bearing the words "Superintendent's Award" will be proudly worn by the recipients during all graduation ceremonies. The Graduation Exercise Booklet will include a special recognition for each awardee. A commemorative photograph capturing the students alongside the Superintendent will be prominently displayed at Bangor High School and in the Superintendent's office. Each student will receive a personal copy of the photograph as a memento. 

Bangor High School extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the recipients of the 2023–2024 Superintendent's Academic Excellence Award. Their exceptional accomplishments serve as an inspiration to their peers and a testament to the high standards of academic excellence upheld at Bangor High School.