Kendra Perry 2024 Special Education Teacher of the Year

May 14, 2024

The Bangor School Department and Southern Penobscot Regional Program for Children with Exceptionalities (SPRPCE) proudly announce Kendra Perry as the recipient of the 2024 Special Education Teacher of the Year award presented by the Maine Administrators of Services for Children with Disabilities (MADSEC). The award recognizes Kendra's exceptional dedication to students with disabilities and her outstanding contributions to the field of special education.

Kendra started as an educational technician in September of 2014 and became a teacher in February 2015. She quickly demonstrated leadership skills and became a safety care trainer for the program instructing staff on best practices for de-escalation. She then deepened her leadership when she was assigned as Head of Delegation for Special Olympics for the Bangor School Department in 2022.

Kendra demonstrates an unwavering commitment to her students inside and outside of the classroom. Her passion and commitment to students has made a significant impact on the lives of countless students. Kendra is well regarded by her colleagues, 26 area special education directors, and the families she collaborates with through her exceptional ability to foster positive relationships. Her communication skills enable her to attentively listen, understand, and actively seek input from team members, all in order to provide unwavering support for her students.

Daniel Mayo, Director of the Bangor Regional Program, remarked, "Kendra's dedication to her students is truly inspiring. She has shown exceptional commitment and compassion in her role as a special education teacher, going above and beyond to ensure that every student receives the support they need to thrive academically and personally. A standout characteristic of Kendra is her focus on relationship-building with both students and families. When students and families feel heard, understood, and valued, the likelihood of their academic and social success greatly increases.  Additionally, her responsibilities with Maine Special Olympics have allowed her to advocate for opportunities for her students beyond the classroom. We are proud to have Kendra as part of our team and congratulate her on this remarkable achievement."

“Having not just one, but two Teacher of the Year awardees from our Bangor School Department is a remarkable achievement. It is a testament to the outstanding educators we have in our community and the high standards of excellence that we strive for. Kendra’s recognition as the Special Education Teacher of the Year not only honors her exceptional abilities, but it also highlights the importance and value of education for all of our students. Her efforts in providing individualized support, fostering a sense of belonging, and empowering every student to reach their full potential is truly commendable’, said Superintendent James Tager.

 As the Special Education Teacher of the Year, Kendra serves as an exemplary role model for educators across the state, embodying the qualities of passion, compassion, and unwavering commitment to special education.

MADSEC, is a statewide organization committed to supporting and advocating for high-quality educational services for children with disabilities. MADSEC fosters collaboration among educators, administrators, and related service providers to ensure that every student with special needs receives the support necessary to reach their full potential.